Today on our “Meet the Team” series we welcome Vaggelis to share his own SpotyPal story. Vaggelis is part of our Marketing Team and he recently enjoyed some days off, visiting Italy. SpotyPal proved to be his favorite traveling buddy and this is what he’s going to share with us today.

“Ever since we planned our trip to Italy with my wife, I knew that I had to take at least a couple of SpotyPals with me. I was so excited to use the device we’ve been working on in real circumstances and see how useful it was going to be. Spoiler alert: very!

I decided to attach one SpotyPal to my luggage and place another one inside my wallet’s pocket since these two items were the most valuable things I wanted to keep track of.

The SpotyPal on my luggage was an amazing tool for the entire trip. First of all, I used the “Nearby Alert” feature while we were at the baggage claim at the airport. Instead of standing in front of the carousel, waiting for my bag to appear along with all the other passengers, I simply set the “Nearby Alert” on my app. I stood comfortably on a chair, drinking my coffee and when my bag came within the range I received a notification on my phone and went to get it. Such a simple thing to set up, but it made a big difference!

I had also set a separation alert on the same device and opted for my phone to ring in case my bag went out of range. That way, I could travel on public transport, go sightseeing and be in crowded places without fearing that my bag will get stolen or that I will leave it somewhere by accident.

The SpotyPal that I placed in my wallet’s pocket was a precaution, just in case I’d leave it somewhere or lose it. Thankfully, nothing happened during this trip, but just the fact that I had taken this measure allowed me to feel safer since my wallet contained not only my cash and credit cards but also my ID and driver’s license. Losing any of those documents would certainly have ruined my trip!

After this first-hand experience, I can definitely say that SpotyPal is an amazing travel gadget and I would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to worry about their valuable belongings while being on a trip.